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Hi, my name is Joe.

I am a freelance professional photographer based in Bristol in the UK. I specialise in event, landscape, urban and travel photography.

Photography is a hobby and a passion. My goal is to take good photos no matter what the lighting condition is. I enjoy taking photos on subjects I love and share them with the world. I don’t necessarily see photography as a career. I believe it is different between taking photos as a career and a hobby. Many of my photos are taken to tell a story. A good photo says a thousand word. I take my time to frame a shot and adjust the exposure to the best I can, sometimes with filters and artificial lighting. I only use a photo processing software to correct the exposures slightly. I truly believe that by setting the exposure correctly on the camera instead of enhancing a photo through a photo processing software reflects what the photographer saw at the time the photo was taken.

Over the past months I have been commissioned to photoshoot some of the night club venues in Bristol, such as Lakota, PRYZM and SWX. I have also conducted a few personal projects over the past year, such as the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta in the UK, and a New Year celebration in Tromsø, Norway. I am always open to new challenges and opportunities.

If there is an event or a project that you require a photographer, I may be able to offer my assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to share my photography with you.

Best wishes, Joe Chan

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